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The Parallax Burger

White Cheddar Cheese, Red Onion, Bacon, Barbecue Mayo

The Chinato Burger

Mortadella, Mozzarella, Tomato, Balsamic Onions, Tomato Mayo

The Big Zack Burger

Onions, Peppers, White cheddar, Chili Fries, BBQ Mayo, Cilantro

The L’Albatros Burger

Caramelized Onions, Peppers, Swiss Cheese and Béarnaise Mayo

The Dynomite Burger

Jalapeno, Red Onion, Pepper Jack, and Spicy Mayo

The Kafeteria Burger

Swiss, Sauerkraut, Russian Mayo, Crispy Salumi

The Cowell & Hubbard Burger

Fontina, Caramelized Onions, Smoked Paprika Mayo, Sherry Vinegar

Burger 6.00

Chili Dog 7.00
Smoked Paprika Mayo, Pickled Vegetables, Cilantro

Dog 5.00

Chicken Sandwich 6.00
Blue Cheese Mayo, Pickled Vegetables, Cilantro, Tabasco

Fish Sandwich 8.00
Béarnaise Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, American Cheese

Turkey Burger 8.00
Swiss, Cranberry Sauce, Lettuce, Red Onion

Vegan Burger 6.00
Pickled Vegetables, Cilantro, Cilantro Mayo

Vegan Peppadew Peppers 4.00

Fried Mozzarella 4.00
Tomato Mayo

Buffalo Chicken Wings 5.00
Blue Cheese Mayo

Wedge Salad 5.00
Bacon, Tomato, Onion, Egg, White French And Balsamic Vinegar

Fries 2.50

Chili Fries 4.00

Side Chili 4.00

Side Pickles 1.50

Soft Serve Ice Cream 3.00
Chocolate, Vanilla, and Twist

Extras with a charge

Cheese .50
White cheddar, fontina, mozzarella, swiss, american

Pickled Vegetables .50

Mayo .50
Bearnaise, smoked paprika, BBQ, blue cheese, cilantro, tomato, Russian

Bacon 1.00

Sauerkraut .50

Toppings .25
Tomato, lettuce, onion, cilantro, caramelized onion, caramelized peppers


Draft Beers

Great Lakes 6.00
New Cleveland 6.00

White Wines

Chardonnay 6 / 24
Pinot Grigio 6 / 24

Red Wines

Pinot Noir 6 / 24

Bottled Water 2.00
Coke 2.00
Diet Coke 2.00
Sprite 2.00
Iced Tea 2.00
Lemonade 3.00
Dynomite Blend Coffee 2.50
Decaf Coffee 2.50

Milk Shakes 5.00

California Date
Salted Caramel